How to Hire the Best Criminal Defense Attorney in Akron


When you, or a loved one, are arrested, it is a very unnerving experience. Many times, the law is counter-intuitive to those that do not possess legal experience and knowledge. Therefore, no matter what the issue is, it is best to retain an attorney to help guide you through the case, protect your rights, and fight with all their being to defend you.

Now, there are many criminal defense attorneys out there that claim to be the best one to help you in your time of need. However, which one is the best for you and your particular circumstances? Every case is truly unique. So is every client. Therefore, you must be sure that you are satisfied with two elements before putting your future, and your freedom, in someone's hands.

#1: Retain a Defense Lawyer Who is Qualified to Handle Your Case

First and foremost, the attorney must be capable and qualified to properly handle the representation. There are a lot of factors in deciding who is ready to properly handle your case.

  • What kinds of cases have they handled in the past?
  • How well do they know the court where the case is being held?
  • Are they comfortable in the courtroom?
  • More importantly, are they confident in their ability to handle a trial?

Yes, it is true that most cases resolve themselves by way of a plea or some type of agreed to resolution. Yet, you have a Constitutional Right to have your matter heard in all circumstances that jail is a possibility by a jury of your peers.

#2: Make Sure You Feel Comfortable With Your Attorney

Secondly, you must have a good rapport with your attorney. Yes, there are capable attorneys out there, but do you feel comfortable with them? If you do not feel that they are interested in your particular situation, how are you going to trust the advice that they give you in your most important of affairs?

Many clients get frustrated that their attorneys are not spending the time necessary with them so that they fully understand all that is going on and the potential ramifications their case could have on their life. Nothing can substitute the face to face preparation of getting ready for a trial. If your case is getting ready for trial you must/will be spending a lot time with your attorney reviewing strategies, witnesses, and potentially your own testimony. Those experiences are long, focused, and intense. You need to be able to work with your attorney on a level that can get the proper results that you deserve.

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