Is Medical Marijuana Legal in Ohio?


Contrary to the seemingly ever increasing trend in the United States, marijuana is not legal in any form in Ohio. Unlike California and various other states that receive the majority of media attention, Ohio will not allow doctors to prescribe marijuana to their patients.

What are the penalties for marijuana possession?

In addition, although it is "only" a minor misdemeanor to have less than 200 grams of marijuana on your person, there are various other issues that may arise if you plead guilty to such a charge.

  • First, your license can be suspended between six months and five years.
  • Also, if you receive any student aid whereby you have to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form to receive it, any drug conviction will immediately prevent you from receiving that aid.
  • Additionally, you may be forced to return any of the monies that you have already received!
  • Lastly, depending on a variety of factors, like how the marijuana has been packaged, even though the total weight of the drugs might be less than 200 grams, your charges can sometimes be raised to a trafficking felony.

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