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Understanding Weapons Charges in Ohio

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Gun ownership is highly regulated in Ohio and is subject to what can be a confusing array of restrictions. Many who get charged with a weapons offense were unaware that they were committing a crime in the first place. Still, these are serious infractions that require serious defense. While many of these charges are considered "small," they can sometimes piggyback on one another, causing compounded penalties that can result in jail time.

I have been representing criminal defendants for more than 10 years and over that time, my firm, Christopher G. Thomarios, Esq. LLC, has secured the best possible outcome for clients time and time again. Many weapons charges are not cases of malice, but misunderstanding. This is why it is critical to have incisive and emphatic representation to assert your side to a judge and jury and avoid maximum penalties.

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When is it illegal to carry a gun?

A concealed carry permit is required for anyone who wants to legally carry a firearm in Ohio. However, even citizens who have a permit are subject to a number of different restrictions.

It is illegal to carry a gun in Ohio:

  • In a place that serves liquor
  • In an intoxicated state
  • In an airport or on a plane
  • In a mental institution
  • In police stations, correctional institutions, and courthouses
  • In any place of worship
  • In a school zone
  • If it is not properly stored in a vehicle

Additional restrictions also apply to those without a permit. For instance, those under 21 or who are the subject of a protective or a restraining order, are not allowed to carry firearms, deadly weapons, or dangerous ordinances. To find out more about the weapons charges that pertain to you, call my firm today.

Penalties for these crimes vary, but worsen with repeat offenses or simultaneous infractions. For instance, carrying without a permit in a bar or a school zone may be brought up as two separate charges. This is why it is critical to retain knowledgeable and diligent legal counsel that can argue down the accumulation of these charges and assert the accused's perspective on the incident.

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