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Sex crimes are one of the most difficult cases to defend against, which is why your case will require the strong and aggressive representation of Attorney Thomarios. As your lawyer, I can put my experience, personalized representation, and knowledgeable counsel to work for your benefit. If you are facing charges for a sex crime, you must act quickly to obtain the trusted legal guidance of my firm.

Will I be Required to Register as a Sex Offender?

With a sex crime conviction, you will be required to register as a sex offender. Exercise your right to obtain legal assistance by speaking with my firm. I have been practicing law as an Akron criminal defense attorney for more than ten years and can offer proven defense strategies.

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What is Rape and Date Rape?

Rape is considered a sex crime but can also be classified as a violent crime and is therefore severely prosecuted. Rape is a form of assault involving forced intercourse. For the victim, rape can be one of the most traumatizing situations, which is why this offense is not taken lightly. Under Ohio Revised Code (ORC) § 2907.02, rape is an offense that involves alleged sexual conduct with another person by forcibly making the victim submit.

Date rape is the forced sexual intercourse which occurs during a voluntary social engagement. When the victim does not intend to submit to sexual advances and resists through verbal or physical refusals, the perpetrator can be charged with date rape. Evidence of a pre-existing relationship and voluntary engagement are not valid defenses for this offense.

What is Gross Sexual Imposition?

Gross sexual imposition is discussed under ORC § 2907.05 as sexual contact that is against the victim's will and is not the alleged perpetrator's spouse. It must be proven that the defendant purposefully caused the victim or victims to submit to his or her will through force or threat of force. If you are charged with gross sexual imposition, know that the charges can result in severe consequences, such as a mandatory prison sentence and registration as a sex offender.

What is Unlawful Sexual Conduct with a Minor?

Under ORC § 2907.04, unlawful sexual conduct with a minor is against the law. Unlawful conduct with a minor is committed when an individual over the age of 18 engages in sexual conduct with an individual they know is between the ages of 13 and 16. This offense can be punished as a felony of the third or fourth degree with the exception of cases when the offender is less than four years older than the other victim.

What is Sexual Assault?

Law enforcement handles cases of sexual assault in a very serious manner because of the severe nature of the charge. Those charged with this offense can suffer heavy penalties because of the negative impact it can have on the victim. Sexual assault is a broad term that refers to child sexual abuse, rape, incest, and many other sex crimes. This is a sexual offense that takes place without the consent of the victim.

Internet Solicitation of a Minor

As one of the most investigated activities of the state and federal law enforcement, internet solicitation of a minor can place the offender in a difficult legal circumstance. Internet solicitation involves a conversation with a minor that turns to a sexual nature. Solicitation of a minor through the internet can take place in a chat room or other setting.

Dynamic Defense Against Sex Crime Charges

Every sex crime case must be handled in a serious manner by your Akron sex crime lawyer because state and federal prosecution are under pressure to prosecute these crimes. You must act quickly and secure aggressive legal assistance, whether you are facing charges for entrapment, sexual assault, or prostitution.

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