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Offenses which are of a nonviolent nature and include the goal of achieving money in an illegal manner are considered white collar crimes. Typically, white collar crimes are committed by executives and upper management in any type of occupation.

White collar crimes are of a very complex nature and will require an experienced defense attorney to fight for you. In a common circumstance, white collar crimes are fully investigated before the defendant has even been notified of the allegations against him or her. In some cases, the alleged perpetrator was not aware of the crime he or she allegedly committed.

Akron Criminal Defense Lawyer Defends Your Charges

At Christopher G. Thomarios, Esq. LLC, I defend the freedom of those who are charged with a white collar crime. Various forms of white collar crimes exist and I handle cases in both state and federal courts.

If you have been charged with any of the following white collar crimes, then call my firm. As an Akron criminal defense lawyer, I provide tough defense for the following offenses:


My firm handles the defense of many types of fraud, including mail fraud, mortgage fraud, and honest services fraud. If you are under investigation for illegal dealings that violate your duty to represent a constituency and to provide honest services, I can protect your rights. Fraud is defined under the Ohio Revised Code (ORC) ยง 2913.01 as the criminal deception intended for financial or personal gain.


Embezzlement is a type of property theft crime that occurs when a defendant, who is entrusted to manage another's money or property, steals a portion of that asset for his or her personal gain. The defendant typically had access to the money but did not possess ownership. Embezzlement in Ohio can be punished based on the value of money or property stolen.

Public Corruption

Public corruption is a criminal offense that poses a threat to national and statewide safety. The breach of public trust and abuse from a local, state, or federal official is referred to as public corruption. Whether elected, appointed, or hired, the official will be charged with this offense if he or she receives anything of value in exchange for an influence in his or her opinions.


If you are charged with or under investigation of bribery, your case will require the skilled representation of an aggressive defense lawyer. Bribery is the act of giving money for the purpose of altering the behavior or opinion of the recipient. Bribery is considered a crime when items of value are given to influence an official's vote or action.

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