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Internet Sex Crime Attorney in Akron

Defending Your Criminal Charges

After an arrest for allegedly committing the offense of an internet sex crime, you must take action at once to resolve the issue and defend your freedom. If you are convicted, an internet sex crime can have a substantial impact on your future.

You will suffer criminal penalties, such as heavy fines, prison, and mandatory registration as a sex offender and will lose respect from friends, family, and the rest of society. Internet sex crimes are becoming a strong focus of investigations performed by local, state, and federal prosecution. If you have been accused of an internet-related crime, you must secure the legal assistance from my firm.

As an Akron criminal defense lawyer, I can protect your rights! Call for your free consultation.

Forming Your Defense

No matter what type of internet sex crime you have been charged with, you must take it seriously and handle it with care. You can trust in my firm to help you defend against your charge for the distribution of child pornography, the possession of child pornography, internet solicitation of a minor, and exploitation of children through the internet. In general, sex crimes are heavily investigated by law enforcement. With the accessibility that the internet provides, your internet sex crime case will require the knowledgeable and experienced representation of Attorney Christopher Thomarios at my firm.

Speak to an Akron Criminal Lawyer

At Christopher G. Thomarios, Esq. LLC, I can examine all of the evidence associated with your child pornography or internet solicitation case to determine whether any violations of your constitutional rights have been made.

With careful analysis, I can assess whether the allegations against you match the charges you face. During a free case evaluation, I can explore every defense possibility to evaluate what is the best option to protect your rights and safeguard your freedom. In addition, I can determine whether you need an expert or specialist in this field to strengthen the resilience of your case.

Contact my office today if you are facing charges related to internet sex crimes. As an Akron sex offense lawyer, you can trust me to give you wise counsel!

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