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Student Disciplinary Law

Akron Students Rights Lawyer

If you or your student has been suspended or expelled from their school, you must gain an understanding of the laws and procedures associated with the specific circumstance. In today's society, obtaining a degree is an essential element to standing out in the world and becoming successful. Many students are held back from achieving this goal because of a disciplinary sanction from a violation of a school principle.

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Understanding Disciplinary Laws in Ohio

Suspension refers to the temporary removal of a student from his or her school for a violation of a school policy or rule. Typically, suspensions are imposed by the school principal and usually last for a maximum of 10 days. Expulsions are more permanent removals and are consequences of serious school policies. Disciplinary codes at each school may vary from one another. Under Ohio law, however, expulsions can last up to a maximum of one year. Your situation may require legal representation from an experienced lawyer.

Defense for Students

In any level of schooling, a child, teenager, or young adult can face allegations of a school code violation which can result in a negative impact to his or her education. In many cases, disciplinary procedures are confusing and counter-intuitive.

As your Akron criminal lawyer, I can guide you through the red tape, handle administration, and help you prepare for the hearing. During each step of your case, I can be your legal guide to prepare, support, and defend you. As you seek a clean disciplinary record for yourself or your child, my goal will be to handle all legal aspects of the case.

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