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Charged with a Sex Crime Because of Entrapment?

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Ohio treats sex crime allegations very seriously. If convicted, individuals can serve extensive time in jail and pay hefty fines. It is important for those accused of crimes such as prostitution or sex with a minor to obtain experienced legal representation who can fight for your rights. Under Ohio Revised Code § 2109.05(C)(2), defense attorneys can use entrapment as a justification against the charges.

Entrapment transpires when a police officer or authority figure poses as a minor or solicitor in order to catch a person committing a sex crime. They present a situation in which an innocent person misguidedly commits a crime. The key to an entrapment defense is that the alleged offender did not have prior intent to go through with the action.

The Entrapment Defense

A person can use the entrapment defense if they believe a government official coerced, compelled, or induced them into committing a crime they would not have thought to commit prior to their interaction with the official. The key to such a defense is that the alleged offender had no intention of committing the crime.

In sex crimes, officers can pose as minors or prostitutes to engage potential offenders in an illegal act. Individuals can be charged with prostitution or statutory rape. Both accusations can lead to jail time, expensive fines, and can damage future prospects and employment opportunities.

If you have been charged with a sex crime that you would not have committed if not for an officer’s influence, I may be able to help. I have over a decade of experience helping clients who have been charged with sex crimes. I offer my clients individualized attention so that we can form a relationship of trust. I get to know your needs and help create a defense that will stand up in court. If you believe you have been wrongfully charged with a sex crime, call my today. I help individuals throughout Akron and Cleveland obtain the justice they deserve.

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