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Accused of illegal possession or sales of prescription drugs?

Law enforcement has been given the task of identifying and arresting any person involved in the illegal possession or sale of prescription medications. If you have been caught and accused of any offense related to prescription drugs, your future freedom could be lost if you are not successfully defended. When choosing an attorney to represent you, there are certain factors to evaluate.

You must be represented by a trial lawyer that has a proven track record in court; you want an attorney that genuinely cares about you and is willing to do everything possible to save you from conviction; and you want personal legal counsel that is only interested in your side of the story.

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At my firm, Christopher G. Thomarios, Esq. LLC, I am very committed to my clients and to fighting to help them to avoid conviction. If you are facing charges related to prescription drugs, call my firm immediately. I must analyze the facts in your case at once.

Read about the various prescription drug crimes I am involved in defending:


As a pain killer, Vicodin has become one of the most commonly prescribed medications. Many people who were prescribed the drug became addicted to the opiate effect, and when they no longer were able to get a prescription, were forced to obtain the drug illegally. Some names the drug is referred to on the street include fluff, scratch, vikes, idiot pills, hydro, norco, and Watson 387. Read more.


Called by various names on the street, including cotton, hillbilly heroin, kicker, ocs, ox, os, oxy, and various others names, this is one of the most common drugs to lead to an arrest for a prescription drug offense. The drug is exceptionally addictive and prescribed frequently for pain.


Called peaches, blues, bars, or totem poles, this strong medication has become one of the most popular drugs to be used illegally. The penalties imposed for doctor shopping, distribution, or illegal possession can be extensive.


Frequently referred to on the street as D's or dance, Soma can lead to psychological addiction. It is often mixed with other medications to create a drug cocktail to increase the narcotic effects.

Prescription Drug Fraud

Fraudulent prescriptions, doctor shopping, illegal prescriptions prescribed by a medical professional or the distribution of pharmaceuticals by a pharmacist can lead to serious criminal charges and in a conviction, a long term of incarceration. Read more.

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