How Does A Criminal Record Affect A Professional License?


If you are convicted or even under investigation for a crime, then your professional license may be affected on a number of different levels. Obviously, a felony conviction will have a much more profound impact than a misdemeanor, causing the offender to lose their license altogether; however, misdemeanors can also cause quite a bit of damage as well.

It may also cause loss of license in some professions, but will also impact the hiring process for any occupation. Many companies may be wary of hiring an employee with a criminal record.

Offenses that Will Cause Loss of a Professional License

Some vocations have stricter rules than others regarding the holding of a license with a criminal record. If your profession is not listed below, then you can find a complete list of professional licensing laws under Ohio Revised Code Title 47.

Accountants (O.R.C. 4701.16)

  • any felony conviction
  • conviction of a crime related to dishonesty or fraud

Attorneys (O.R.C. 4705.02)

  • any conviction of a crime involving moral turpitude

Chiropractors (O.R.C. 4734.31)

  • any felony conviction
  • a misdemeanor for a crime involving moral turpitude

Dentists (O.R.C. 4715.30)

  • any felony or misdemeanor conviction
  • prescribing or giving away drugs for non-purposes

Nurses (O.R.C. 4723.28)

  • any felony conviction
  • a conviction of a crime involving gross immorality or moral turpitude
  • Note: Even if the court dismisses the case, the board will still investigate the claims and hold their own adjudication

Pharmacists (O.R.C. 4729.16)

  • conviction of a felony
  • conviction of a crime of gross immorality
  • convicted of a misdemeanor related to the practice of pharmacy

Physicians (O.R.C. 4731.22)

  • conviction of a felony
  • conviction of a misdemeanor involving moral turpitude
  • conviction of a misdemeanor committed during the course of practice

Veterinarians (O.R.C. 4741.22)

Educators are held to an even stricter standard than many of these professions. Visit O.A.C. 3301-20-01 to see violations that could cause loss of license for a teacher or another type of educator.

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