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It’s easy for parents to passively accept a school’s decisions. If it accuses your child of misbehavior, you might just go along with the prescribed discipline. You may be surprised to learn that this is unnecessary. You have the right to both question and challenge a school’s disciplinary decisions regarding your child.

Christopher G. Thomarios, Esq., LLC can help defend your child against unfair, unreasonable disciplinary actions in Ohio. Whether your high school student is facing a suspension or expulsion, our firm is there for you. 

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Reasons for High School Discipline

It’s helpful to think of suspensions and expulsions in terms of severity. Suspensions are for behavior that demands a response but doesn’t quite justify a complete removal from campus.

Reasons for high school suspension in Ohio include:

  • Minor drug crimes
  • Minor acts of violence
  • Deliberate disobedience
  • Deliberate disorderly behavior
  • Continuous minor behavior problems, culminating in a suspension

Expulsion is a complete removal from the school system. It is the most severe disciplinary action a high school can take.

Expelled high school students may be able to attend alternative education. For students under 16, expulsion can last between 80 days and 1 year, depending on the accusation.

If, however, they are over 16, they can be completely removed from public schools. To earn their diploma, they may need to attend GED courses.

Reasons for high school expulsion in Ohio include:

  • Violence resulting in injury
  • Possession or use of a weapon
  • Continued, intentional misbehavior. Expulsion in this case is usually the result of a long list of detentions, referrals, or other interventions that have not worked.


Suspension or Expulsion of Disabled Students

Depending on a student’s disability, they cannot be automatically expelled or suspended for long stretches. For any student with an IEP or 504 plan, the school must meet with the parents before issuing such penalties.

On these occasions, the school must follow the Manifestation Determination Review. During this review, participants may determine that the student’s disability causes their behavior issues. If so, this student cannot be suspended for more than 10 days, and they cannot be expelled.

Contact our firm if your disabled student is facing such punishments. If we see evidence of the school ignoring your child’s disability plans, we can intervene.

How Our Firm Can Help

If your child is facing an extended suspension or expulsion, we can review their case. This involves taking a close look at the school’s rules and bylaws, seeking inconsistencies we can use to help your student. Often, schools are guilty of overextending their authority, and we can help expose this behavior. 

We can keep a close eye on every action the school takes. Any misstep, such as failing to send you a written decision, can be used to overturn a disciplinary decision.

Furthermore, we can prepare a direct defense for your child. We can build a solid argument against any evidence against them, poking holes in the school’s accusations. 

You can benefit from simply employing our services. Schools are often unprepared to fight against legal representation. Often, just knowing that you’ve hired an attorney is enough to scare them away from pursuing further discipline.

If the school moves forward with an expulsion, we can help prepare an appeal that goes directly to the Board of Education. We know the correct way to write such an appeal, using the necessary language to help sway the Board’s decision in your child’s favor. Our team can also include documentation that will help strengthen an argument against an unfair expulsion.

Trust Christopher G. Thomarios, Esq., LLC to help defend your high school student against suspension or expulsion in Ohio. You can schedule time with us online or call us today at (888) 506-2167.


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