Akron Juvenile Defense Attorney

Defending the Rights of Minors

After you or your child has been arrested for violating a law in Ohio, you will need to take immediate action to protect his or her freedom. Juvenile court procedures are different from those of the adult court system. Rehabilitation, rather than punishment, is the primary focus of the juvenile court system. Rehabilitation means that judges use non-conventional sentencing, including community service or probation, to encourage the youth to avoid criminal activity.

Many juvenile crimes result in serious consequences to those who are convicted and therefore, you will need the dedicated attention of the Akron criminal defense lawyer at my firm. The mistake that a juvenile delinquent is accused of making can have a major impact on his or her life for years. Even a small offense can have a detrimental effect on you or your child's ability to obtain a job or be accepted into a university.

Juvenile Court Process

At Christopher G. Thomarios, Esq. LLC, my firm intimately knows the juvenile court process and can represent you through each step. Teenagers can be tried in the juvenile court up until their 18th birthday. After that point, a juvenile delinquent's case is transferred to common pleas. Minors can have their cases "bound over" to the county be tried as adults in some circumstances which will result in much more severe penalties. My firm's goal during representation is to help you obtain the best possible result.

Contact an Akron Juvenile Attorney

Using my decade of experience and my knowledge of the juvenile justice system, you can benefit from the aggressive representation I provide to my adult and juvenile clients. I offer legal counsel to minors who have been charged with drug crimes, theft crimes, or violent crimes.

If you are a juvenile facing a criminal charge or if your child has been accused of a juvenile crime, get the help you need from my firm by contacting Christopher G. Thomarios, Esq. LLC at once.

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