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Drug Crimes Involving Xanax

Although it is legal to possess Xanax under the direction of a physician, if you are found to be in possession of Xanax without an authorized prescription you could be facing serious prescription drug charges. Doctors generally prescribe Xanax to treat panic attacks, anxiety and depression. It is a type of benzodiazepine and can be highly addictive, and very difficult to stop to using, even fatal.

Because Xanax has a high potential for abuse, it is considered a controlled substance under Ohio law. The penalties you could face for crimes associated with this drug are based in part by the quantity of the substance found in your possession. Conviction can dramatically alter the course of your life.

The consequences for possession of Xanax drug generally include:

  • Jail or prison time
  • Fines
  • Probation
  • A permanent criminal record

Your penalties could be further increased if the court believes you were involved in trafficking the controlled substance. The presence of cash, a larger quantity of the drug, prescription pads or other evidence could be used to establish intent to sell. Christopher G. Thomarios, Esq. LLC is capable of handling the most difficult drug charges. Whether you are facing a misdemeanor or a felony, come to the firm now for top-quality representation.

Tough Defense for Your Prescription Drug Charges

At my firm, Christopher G. Thomarios, Esq. LLC, I have helped numerous clients win in court in serious drug crime cases. I have an extensive knowledge of Ohio drug laws and have helped many people to avoid conviction and penalties. In many cases, I can establish that the person is the victim of drug addiction, and have gotten clients into first offenders programs that allow them to avoid a felony, and get them the treatment they so badly need I believe that in such a case real help in beating the addiction is necessary—not criminal prosecution, and I do everything possible to help my clients get the help they need, as opposed to punishment.

Ohio Xanax Charges: Defense Lawyer in Akron

If you have been charged with possession or distribution of Xanax, you are understandably frightened. These are serious charges that should only be defended by a highly experienced lawyer. Possession in the state of Ohio can be defined as either actual or constructive. Actual possession is generally charged when the individual has direct physical control over the drug.

A person not in physical possession but that has control over a drug can be charged with constructive possession. An example of constructive possession would be if drugs are found in an automobile and all of the occupants are charged with possession of those drugs. There are may be several strategies to help you to avoid conviction if you have been found in possession of Xanax.

Please contact my Akron drug defense firm today so that I can assist you with your case immediately.

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