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About Prescription Drug Fraud

Prescription drug fraud has become a serious problem in the United States. Many states have now established programs that monitor prescription drugs in order to mitigate fraudulent activity. "Prescription Diversion" can occur when an individual begins to use or distribute a prescription drug for recreational purposes. Many prescription drugs such as: Xanax, OxyContin and Vicodin are obtained through forged, altered or otherwise illegal prescriptions.

Whether you are a medical professional that has been accused of forging prescriptions, or a prescription drug user that has acquired your prescription through "doctor shopping," my firm can help. I understand what is at stake for you and have been able to obtain excellent case results for many clients.

At Christopher G. Thomarios, Esq. LLC, I am committed to seeking positive case outcomes in cases of serious drug charges. My insight into the justice system and drug crime laws allows me to expose the errors and flaws in the prosecution's case. In many cases, my hard work and dedication has led to a dismissed charge. If you are facing drug charges involving prescription fraud—do not take them lightly, you could face a long prison sentence if you are not successfully defended. Speak with me as soon as possible if you have been arrested, or are a medical professional that is under investigation.

Akron Prescription Drug Fraud Cases

If you have been involved in illegally acquiring, possessing or using prescription drugs, you may be charged with prescription drug fraud, based upon it is believed that you acquired the drug. This charge is becoming more common in the medical profession and has affected pharmacists, doctors and other medical staff. I understand that your professional license is at stake. As an Akron prescription drug fraud attorney, I can immediately get to work thoroughly reviewing the facts in the case, and will do everything possible to ensure your rights are protected.

If you are facing prescription fraud— contact me today so that I can speak with you immediately.

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