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OxyContin Charges in Ohio

If you have been charged with the possession or distribution of OxyContin in Ohio, you need to hire an experienced Akron prescription drugs attorney without delay. OxyContin is a Schedule II controlled substance in Ohio due to its high potential for addiction and abuse. Ohio courts heavily penalize those that are found illegally in possession of any amount of OxyContin. The drug is commonly called cotton, hillbilly heroin, kicker, ocs, ox, os, or oxy and various other names on the street.

At Christopher G. Thomarios, Esq. LLC, I have helped numerous clients facing serious drug crimes charges to avoid conviction. I have a diverse legal background to bring to the table in the fight to avoid conviction. I am determined to provide every client with outstanding criminal defense and will do everything possible to help you to avoid the consequences of a conviction. If you have been arrested for a drug crime involving OxyContin, speak with me today.

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It is illegal for an individual to knowingly distribute or possess OxyContin without the proper licensing or prescription. Generally, if a small amount of OxyContin is found on an individual who does not have a valid prescription, he or she may be charged with possession. If the drug is not found directly on you, but is in an area believed to be under your control, such as your vehicle, you may be charged with possession as well.

Having an attorney can help you to prevent the establishment of "intent to sell" due to the quantity of the drug. If "trafficking" is established, it can mean far greater penalties in a conviction. It is in your best interest to speak with a highly knowledgeable and experienced criminal defense attorney today.

Please contact me so that I can evaluate the facts and identify your best defense strategy.

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