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If you are in need of a Akron criminal defense lawyer who has a full knowledge of the state and federal laws associated with your case, I can help! With 10 years of experience, I have aggressively served previous clients to help them receive the best possible outcome to their criminal case. I approach each case from a unique standpoint to provide a powerful and tailor-made strategy.

Using this approach, I am able to help clients receive reductions and dismissals of their cases. Additionally, if the matter must be taken to trial, I will research all the applicable legal issues, prepare the best defense for you and present it to the Judge and jury with all my focus and energy. I encourage you to read through the following case results to build your own knowledge of how I can help. Obtain a solid perception of who I am by reading through the case results below. When you are prepared to take the next step to defend your legal rights and protect your future, contact my firm!

State of Ohio v. Juvenile (2015-2017)

Attorney Thomarios represented a juvenile (who became an adult during the pendency for the case) charged with murder and conspiracy to commit murder in connection with the killing of their step-father. After three years of representation the Attorney Thomarios was able to keep the Client in Juvenile Court and they only served two months in detention before being released on their twenty-first birthday.

City of Lorain v. A.B. (2017)

A.B. was twenty years old and charged with their second OVI/refusal offense and possession of marijuana. Attorney Thomarios was able to keep A.B. out of jail on their probation violation in Ravenna, the site of the first case, and filed a motion to suppress related to the Ohio State Troopers improperly administering the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests. The Prosecutor eventually offered one count of reckless operation, with a minimal fine, no jail, and an immediate end to the license suspension, which the Client accepted.

Meaney v. Jurek, Et. Al. (2017)

Attorney Thomarios represented a corporate client that had been sued in relation to an auto accident. After a few pre-trials and discussions with Plaintiff’s Counsel, Attorney Thomarios’ Client was DISMISSED from the suit before intense discovery was started.

John Doe v. University (2017)

Attorney Thomarios’ Client was a 4.0 student in their Senior Year at a University. Seven months after Doe broke off a long term relationship, Doe’s ex-partner made allegations against Doe which included alleged violations of the school’s Sexual Conduct Policy. Although Doe had never had a disciplinary issue of any variety, and was one of the most prominent students at the institution, after the internal hearing procedure, Doe was issued a one year suspension. Attorney Thomarios filed an action in Federal Court claiming numerous Title IX violations committed by the University against his Client. The matter came to a very rapid resolution which allowed Doe to reenter school and complete their degree in time to accept admission to one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the world for graduate school

City of Barberton v. A.T. (2017)

Client was involved in a theft spree which could have led to felony charges. Attorney Thomarios got involved and convinced the lead detective to just charge A.T. with one misdemeanor, which then allowed them to enter into the local diversionary program. Thereafter, A.T. successfully completed the program, never received a conviction of any kind, and was able to keep their job in the medical field.

United State of America v. R.C. (2017)

Client was charged with conspiracy and trafficking in a large amount of heroin and other narcotics. Attorney Thomarios was retained by the Client’s family after the lines of communication with current counsel had broken down. Attorney Thomarios was able to reestablish trust in the attorney client relationship, and ultimately R.C. received much less time than they were originally slated to serve.

State of Ohio v. M.J. (2017)

M.J. had never been in trouble before in life and accidently forgot that they had a completely legal, loaded firearm on their person when taking their child to the movie. After a complete admission of their misdoing to the police, M.J. contacted Attorney Thomarios who was able to convince the prosecution from charging his Client with a felony, which would have ruined their current career in the medical field and negated any chance of ever gaining admission to medical school.

State of Ohio v. G.N. and R.C. (2017)

R.C. was a Client in a pending matter in the Northern District of Ohio and G.N. was their spouse. The State of Ohio charged them both with Contributing to the Unruliness of a Child by Failure to Send their Children to School. After extensive conversations with the prosecution, Attorney Thomarios had both charges against both Clients DISMISSED.

State of Ohio v. N.W. (2016)

Another Client was under investigation on allegations of rape. Again, soon after being contacted by law enforcement, N.W. called Attorney Thomarios and after numerous meetings and careful contemplation, the Client was never charged and thankfully continued his untarnished life and career.

State of Ohio v. B.K. (2016)

Client was under investigation for rape by a local law enforcement agency. B.K. immediately contacted Attorney Thomarios and after vigorous pre-indictment work, the Grand Jury returned a NO BILL against B.K. Thereafter, the Client was able to continue living his life without having it potentially ruined by the outrageous allegations of a former acquaintance.

City of Cleveland Heights v. J.G. (2016)

Client was charged with assaulting a neighbor who happened to be pregnant at the time. After numerous pretrial and trial dates, Attorney Thomarios successfully got the case was dismissed.

Ohio University (2016)

Attorney Thomarios was contacted by a senior student alleged to have committed plagiarism for the second time in their academic career. After numerous hearings, multiple appeals, and communications with the University and the College of Education, the disciplinary sanctions were severely reduced and the student was able to finish out their college career with minimal delay and no impact on their career.

State of Ohio/City of Bowling Green/City of Cleveland v. W.S. (2016)

Client had various arrests and a conviction from their younger days growing up in Cleveland. In the years subsequent, W.S. went to college, and then to a preeminent Ivy League business school. Client never thought about the cases until they were almost prevented from obtaining their professional licensing. Attorney Thomarios worked over the Holiday to turn around three (3) expungements in all the Courts – and was successful in sealing all three. Client was then able to receive his required licensing and continue on in the financial world.

State of Ohio v. M.C. (2016)

Client had an outstanding warrant from 2001 for trafficking in crack cocaine. As the years went on Client had moved out of the area and was ultimately picked up on the warrant. Attorney Thomarios helped the client in their extradition to make it as smooth as possible and got them bonded out and back with their family. When the case was finally handled in Common Pleas Court, Mr. Thomarios got all charges against his Client DISMISSED. M.C. was able to immediately return to their life and maintain their clean record.

City of Maple Heights v. N.H. (2016)

Client was charged with vehicular manslaughter after a tragic accident that left a pedestrian killed. Attorney Thomarios worked with all parties involved and was able to keep his Client from serving any jail time and enabled them to continue driving and maintaining their employment.

Ohio State University (2016)

Attorney Thomarios assisted a freshman student against a professor’s baseless allegations of academic dishonesty in their major’s prerequisite seminar. Luckily, the matter was dismissed after the initial meeting with the student disciplinary committee and they were able to successfully enter their nursing program.

City of Cleveland (2015)

Client was a prominent professional in Northeast Ohio with charges related to a refusal of an OVI and causing an accident. Attorney Thomarios handled the matter swiftly, and quietly, so as to not hurt their reputation or professional licensing. Ultimately, the Client was not convicted of OVI and was able to continue on with their career unscathed by this incident.

City of Parma v. K.L. (2015)

K.L. was enrolled in a local state university and was on diversion stemming from a theft case in Parma. During the pendency of their diversionary program, K.L. picked up a new case for theft, again in Parma. Attorney Thomarios was able to convince the City to allow K.L. to complete the diversion program and had the new case pled down so that K.L. never had to serve a day in jail and is still expungement eligible.

State of Ohio v. D.W. (2015)

Client was charged with trafficking in drugs with juvenile specifications. Attorney Thomarios filed a motion to suppress related to the stop of his automobile and after constant negotiation with the State of Ohio, D.W. was able to stay out of prison and take care of his newborn child.

State of Ohio v. G.S. (2015)

G.S. works for a mayor in the outlying community and was charged with possession of heroin. After numerous pre-indictment discussions, G.S. was eventually NO BILLED and had his case dropped without ever being indicted on the charge.

State of Ohio v. J.B. (2015)

Client was charged with kidnapping and rape from a CODIS hit stemming from an event that happened four days before the twenty-year statute of limitations had run. Attorney Thomarios filed a motion to dismiss on speedy trial grounds and ultimately got his client a plea to a reduced charge and got J.B. two years of probation.

City of Cleveland v. M.J. (2014)

Client was a twenty-three year old woman who was arrested after hitting a rear ending a police car. She was charged with driving under suspension, failure to control, and operating a vehicle while intoxicated with the aggravating factor of refusing the breathalizer test. After numerous pretrials and work in mitigation, my client's plea avoided her having an OVI on her record, and only faced the minimum penalties under the law.

City of Cleveland v. T.J. (2014)

This matter followed on from City of Cleveland v. M.J. as my Client was her father. The automobile that M.J. was operating in her matter was titled to T.J., and given the fact that she did not have a valid driver's license at the time of the incident, the City of Cleveland then charged her father in this matter with negligent entrustment, a first degree misdemeanor with penalties of up to a $1000.00 fine and six months in jail. Attorney Thomarios ended up taking this matter to trial, which resulted in a finding of not guilty for his Client.

State of Ohio v. W.G. (2014)

A client with no criminal record was accused of rape by a fellow graduate student at an area university. After half a year of hard work, the client’s matter was presented to the grand jury and a “no bill” was decided on the indictment. Therefore, the client was never charged and could continue living their life.

Cleveland State University v. D.K. (2014)

Mr. Thomarios’ client was a varsity division I athlete that was accused of unwanted sexual contact with a fellow student. Mr. Thomarios was able to help his client prepare for their hearing, and assisted with their appeal. Ultimately, the student was able to maintain their athletic scholarship, return to living in the dorm, and continue being a student with high academic marks .

State of Ohio v. H.R. (2014)

Client was a nineteen-year old college student and was charged with a series of counts, in a series of courts, in Northeast Ohio stemming from an incident where they provided drugs to an underage person and possessed ecstacy pills. Ultimately, Attorney Thomarios got the charges dismissed in one court, got H.R. into a first offenders program in another court, and was put on limited probation in the last court. By avoiding a drug conviction, H.R. was able to continue to get financial aid and go to college, he got help for his drug and alcohol addiction, and can continue on with a bright future ahead of him.

State of Ohio v. N.G. (2014)

Attorney Thomarios’s client was a single mother of three that was attacked by a woman in her friend’s home. N.G. proceeded to obtain her gun and it fired out the door towards a woman. Therefore, N.G. was charged with felonious assault, and faced up to eight years in prison, with an additional three mandatory years incarceration. In the end, N.G. was not convicted of a felony, was not put on probation, incurred no fines, and can expunge the entire matter in 2015.

State of Ohio v. J.M. (2014)

JM was a college aged student that was involved heavily in heroin usage and eventually charged with drug possession. Attorney Thomarios got JM into treatment, assisted the family, and was able to keep the Client from ever being convicted of any charge.

State of Ohio v. J.L. (2014)

Mr. Thomarios' client was driving a car wherein a weapon and drugs were located by the police. J.L. did not have a criminal record, but was charged with carrying a concealed weapon and drug possession. After months of work, Mr. Thomarios got all charges dismissed for his client. J.L., only twenty years old at the time of the arrest, is now able to continue with his education, unimpeded by any criminal charges.

State of Ohio v. M.R. (2013)

Client with no criminal record was charged with a first degree felony of Aggravated Burglary and a third degree felony of Attempted Felonious Assault. Even though there were various co-Defendants and injuries to the alleged vicitm, M.R. did not receive a felony conviction, was not put on probation, and only had to pay court fines.

City of Kent v. A.J. (2013)

Attorney Thomarios was contacted in order to vacate the Client's 1988 conviction for theft. The Client is not a United States citizen and could have possibly faced detainment and deportation from having it on their record. Counsel was able to convince the Court to amend the charge to one that would not give her any troubles with immigration , thereby allowing her to stay with her family without fear.

State of Ohio v. B.B. (2013)

Client was charged with trafficking in drugs in Steubenville, Ohio. Attorney Thomarios was able to amend the charges to allow the Client to get into a first offender's drug program .

State of Ohio v. B.W. (2013)

Client was enrolled in an Ohio college when they were arrested for drug possession and possession of drug paraphernalia. Attorney Thomarios was able to get both charges dismissed in order to save the Client's financial aid from being rescinded, being forced to pay back what they had already received, and, ultimately, having to leave school.

United States of America v. S.W. (2012)

Client was a resident of Arizona who was charged in a conspiracy to possess 117 kilograms of marijuana with the intent to distribute. Although S.W. originally had a Criminal Offense Level of 26, the Client received probation .

State of Ohio v. S.W. (2011)

Client was charged with the second degree felony of felonious assault for stabbing an ex-boyfriend in the back. Ultimately, the Client pled to a misdemeanor and is in the process of having it expunged from their record .

State of Ohio v. B.K. (2010)

Attorney Thomarios co-counseled a felony theft trial in Summit County where the Client was charged with misuse of over $150,000.00 in corporate funds. After a week of trial the jury returned a verdict of not guilty and the client was able to regain his real estate license.

Westfield Insurance Company v. Derenzias (2010)

Attorney Thomarios represented the Defendant, a building subcontractor, in a matter involving allegations of poor workmanship in building a deck. After the Client was victorious during arbitration , the Plaintiff decided not to pursue the matter any further.

City of Maple Heights v. P.J. (2010)

Client was charged with their first OVI stemming from a car accident. Attorney Thomarios had all charges dismissed after oral argument related to his motion for dismissal on the grounds of speedy trial.

Trogdon v. Nick Abraham Nissan, et. al., (2010)

In a matter involving fraud, conversion, and negligence of a car dealership, after years of litigation a bench trial was held in the Lorain Common Pleas Court. At the conclusion, Mr. Trogdon was awarded the full amount of his demand plus all attorneys' fees.

City of Cleveland v. E.B. (2009)

Client was charged with one count of endangering her child. Attorney Thomarios took the matter in front of a jury and got the case dismissed before even having to present a defense.

State of Ohio v. D.B. (2008)

A Juvenile Client was facing prosecution as an adult if he was not successful at his bind over hearing for armed robbery. Attorney Thomarios handled the bind over hearing and had the case dismissed by a Rule 29 Motion.

State of Ohio v. D.S. (2003)

Attorney Thomarios successfully participated in the oral argument in front of the Ohio Eighth District Court of Appeals in a matter regarding a client's violation of his speedy trial rights. The trial court's ruling dismissing the case was upheld.

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